A Marketing Services Company

In 2012 Brown Cow identified an opportunity to help an existing client grow its team within the marketing department. We drew on our industry experience and contacts to bring in a number of highly-capable and skilled contractors. Since then, Brown Cow has continued to deliver quality staff and understand our clients business needs. This, in turn, has lead to further referrals and organic growth. Internally, we consult with industry experts to ensure our Legal, Business Processes, Human Resources and Finance areas of business are fully compliant to requirements. Our focus on delivering the best people has gained us a reputation for excellence which we strive to replicate in everything that Brown Cow does.

Employment Services

As a service provider, Brown Cow employs a tried and tested pool of talented staff to meet our delivery obligations. We carve out a niche within the relevant team and work alongside the client developing intrinsic knowledge of the client’s culture and brand while at the same time maintaining our own Brown Cow identity. Brown Cow manage all pertinent HR related activities such as performance reviews, NI payments, payroll, leave tracking etc. This takes the time burden off the client’s team while that manager can rest assured that the staff are fully compliant with both internal and regulatory requirements. Brown Cow prides itself in looking after it’s staff and as such has an Employee Assistant Programme in place to make sure the team are fully supported.

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